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Fabio Giampaolo Barbiero attended SMALP, a hard military school. He was the only young official selected for the Display Determination NATO n 984 as commander of battlegroup. Judgement: excellent. From military experience he understood that strategy and discipline are everything, to achieve goals and get every result, even the creative ones. He comes from very formative experiences such as cook assistant and military instructor of alpine skiing: an impressive curriculum, like real creativity. He was about to start a diplomatic career, when a friend made him realize that working with creativity was better than just working. He was struck by photography! After being appreciated for several years as a photographer, also internationally, he attended marketing master/strategic selling training to make a real support as creative director even when it comes to product's U.S.P.

our team

Our experts have a natural talent for creative imagination, combined with strong technical and technologic knowledge that allows us to produce breathtaking images that convey in the best way the meaning of the project. In Accentbarbiero it is important to merge different points of view in one solution.


We live and work in a peaceful place: Abano Terme, surrounded by Euganean Hills. We complete even difficult projects with serenity and calmness thanks to the relaxing atmosphere. Accentbarbiero's location reaches about 1000 sq., big open spaces that offer a comfortable working place for both collaborators and clients. We are deeply interested in technologic innovation in order to achieve higher performances.